Your Smart Ideas

You’ve got something to say. Lessons to teach. Ideas to introduce to the world.

Qualitative data to code!

You’ve got clients whose success depends on your message being accurate, polished, and perfectly tailored to their needs.
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Rhuby Editorial will help you find the snappy words to best express your ideas.

I can help you write or edit your:

  • Book manuscript
  • Report
  • White paper
  • Essay
  • Speech
  • Blog post
  • Case study
  • Article
    …just about any kind of piece that falls within the “nonfiction” genre

My name is Susan Herman. I’ve been working in the publishing world since 2001, most of that as a freelancer. Find my resume here, and follow me on Twitter.

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What does Rhuby mean?

Rhuby is a nickname for the vegetable rhubarb—a tart, snappy stalk that you can’t get just any place or any time. Like your work, rhubarb has something very specific to “say” but it may need a little work before it’s ready for consumption. For example, you have to trim the greens off the top when you prepare rhubarb. They contain poisonous agents!

Rhuby is my brand identity because it reflects the themes I like to work with most: wellness, health, science, learning, growth, change. Projects that help people connect and come away with new understandings, energized for action.

Tell me about your project

Message me from my contact page and tell me about your project. Let me know what you are looking for in terms of:

  • Manuscript consulting
  • Developmental editing
  • Line editing (aka copyediting)
  • a custom job, such as gathering data from a focus group and writing a report

I look forward to working with you.

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